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Hey there, I'm Jaime :)

Much like you, I’m an entrepreneur with intuitive gifts. I’m part muse, part empath, and every single time I’m on an international flight my seatmate tells me their entire life story and ends up crying. Not my favorite side effect of my superpowers. 

Luckily, I don’t make my clients cry.
I help them shine. 

My mission is helping women who use their intuitive gifts build successful businesses that give them financial freedom while doing the work they were designed to do.

Money isn’t the only metric I use to measure success, though.

I believe in doing the thing that makes your soul light all the way up. I’m not saying it has to be easy (love a challenge), but it has to indulge your curiosity and feel on purpose. This goes for life and business — when you work for yourself the two can be indistinguishable.

So, let’s all go after the crazy idea that gives us butterflies. If you want help making your dreams wildly successful, consider me your hypewoman.

Fun facts: I’m a high-octane INFP. Drinks of choice are inky black coffee and Italian red wine. Tell me your birthday once, and I'll remember it forever. ☼♌︎ ☽♈︎ ↑♌︎

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