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Creative Entrepreneurs: 

Get Booked Solid With Delightful Clients,
Even If Marketing & Selling Make You Cringe

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Do your creative genius and business savvy need couples therapy?


You’re a creative soul with an entrepreneurial spirit.
You’ve got big dreams and a vibrant imagination.

You’re fiercely independent and insist on forging your own path.
Being a starving artist isn’t in the cards for you.

But deadlines and daydreams do battle.
The practical and fantastical make odd bedfellows.
The idea of a routine feels so . . . routine.


Afraid you're building your business on shaky ground? 


When your creative gifts are your currency, you face unique challenges in running your own business.


  • You’re colorful and expressive, but it’s been drilled into your brain that you can’t be taken seriously unless you cop a buttoned up, professional persona.
  • Your services are tied up to your creative core, and the act of marketing and selling makes you feel vulnerable and judged.
  • Your energy and creativity demand that you have time to recharge, but you feel like you need to be performing on social media constantly to generate leads.
  • You know your business needs systems, but if they’re not simple, overwhelm and procrastination totally derail you. (and maybe you're not sure what "systems" are)

Most of all, you need a consistent flow of high-quality clients.


If this sounds like you, then we should talk.

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people look confused when you talk about what you do

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you wish you had the confidence to charge more for your services

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sales conversations completely freak you out

Ready to have a calendar full of amazing clients?



What if instead of the struggle,
your business looked like this:

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Attract the people you are made to work with and filter out the ones who aren't a match—all before an awkward Zoom call.

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You only work with clients that light you up and energize you so you do your best work and create raving fans (who can’t stop gushing about you.).

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You know exactly where to find your dream clients so you can tap into their networks of communication instead of wasting your lifeforce obsessively "engaging" on social media.

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You never stumble when someone asks, “So, what do you do?” because you’re an expert on how to talk about your business without sounding confusing or bland or like everyone else.

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You have a sales cycle that builds trust and credibility so prospects at all stages have opportunities to invest in your services. 

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Sales conversations are like second nature because you’re only talking to the people who want and need your services
(and totally crush on you).

Most of all, you have a booked solid calender of delightful clients.

It's your goofy grin that wins people over,
not your poker face.

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You've got questions? Let's talk.


What my clients have to say . . .

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Becky Clabaugh

"Jaime helped me craft magnetic messaging for my Life Coaching practice. She took an interest in my creativity and gave me kick-ass, engaged feedback. She helped me become self-assured and confident about sharing my message straight from my heart, without any brain drama." 

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Emma Johnson

"Jaime helped me solve a core clarity issue, and now I know truly who I serve. I cannot tell you how relieved I feel to finally have the words to express what I do and not fade on into the background because of bland words with no meaning."

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Ariane Tavakol

"Jaime has a magical way to get things out of you in the most natural and fun way. Not many have what it takes to ask the right questions. At the end of our session together I really felt interesting and proud! Jaime is present all the way and goes well beyond what she gets paid to do."

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Danielle Lavallee Wasson

"During our time together, Jaime asked a lot of questions and brought forth clarification and great insight. The final result is copy that I am truly impressed with that represents who I really am and sets me apart from all the other coaches out there. I had tried to do it on my own for months, and in less than two weeks, I finally have what I had been seeking, a professional and fun story."

Thinking I can help you too?

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Hey there! I'm Jaime.

If you’ve struggled to create your personal brand and gain traction in your business, you’re not alone.

I’ve short-circuited brain cells trying to figure out what my ideal client avatar eats for breakfast (and how this is relevant to, well anything).

I’ve taken up arms against picking a niche, terrified I might exclude someone.

I’ve said yes to clients who I knew were going to be a nightmare, because I couldn’t stomach losing the sale. 

I’ve stuttered and muttered when trying to explain my business, to the point that even my friends and family couldn’t tell you what I did.

For years, instead of building a business, I labored at a freelance job that was often stalled out on the side of the information highway. 

I always excelled at my craft, but I was lost on how to turn that into a viable enterprise.

But then, one night while I was fast asleep, I was abducted by aliens who teleported me to their mothership and rewired my neural networks for inevitable success!

That didn’t actually happen. (At least I don’t remember if it did…)

What did happen is I tossed my ego and my fear in the bushes and went all in with the unwavering belief that eventually I’d get it right. Coaches, courses, personal development, and epic wins and losses gave me the puzzle pieces I needed to create a sustainable, successful business.

I’ve been a writing coach, copywriter, and copyeditor for over a decade. I’m a Book Yourself Solid® Licensed Professional, which was a total game changer for my worldview on business as someone who thought they hated marketing and selling. 

Whether helping clients write to their audience or create personal brands, it's all about the art of communication: untangling the ideas in your mind and articulating them with clarity, creativity, and authenticity. 

Today, I’m on a mission to help other creative entrepreneurs shave years off of their road to success by sharing with you the systems and techniques that elevated me from a panicking perfectionist freelancer to a clear, confident, and successful business owner. 

Now, I only work with people whose birthdays I want on my calendar. Let's see if yours is one of them ;-)

Trivial Bits

My beverages of choice are iced black coffee and Italian red wine.

I’m a high-octane INFP. 

I prefer subtropical climates and am intolerant to wintry weather.

My musical tastes range from New Orleans Jazz to Puccini Operas to Taylor Swift. 

If you’re inclined to get a little mystical, I’ll happily talk to you all day. 

I’ve been toting a 16lb cat around the world for a quarter of my life—he’s disgruntled and demonic, and yes my tetanus booster is up-to-date.

If you tell me where you’re from, don’t be surprised if I’ve lived there. I’m currently based in the absolutely dreamy Savannah, GA.


The key to confidence is clarity.

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Book Yourself Solid

Book Yourself Solid® is a comprehensive system that will teach you strategies to create awareness about who you are and what you have to offer the world, then what to do from that moment on until your ideal clients buy what you have to offer — that's what gets you booked solid.


Schedule a Free Consultation
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Powerful Personal Brand Intensive

One-to-one coaching using the Book Yourself Solid® system to create a perfectly engineered foundation that will support all of your business development and marketing.


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Creative Copy Coaching

Watch your dream clients become obsessed with your biz when you communicate in a way that feels like you're speaking directly to them. Writing like you talk is harder than it sounds—unless you have the right guide.


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