Revamp your freelance business so it's wildly successful,
without sacrificing your soul or sanity.

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Truth: It takes less energy and makes more money to do fewer high-paying jobs for dream clients than it does to take on eight times as many mediocre-paying jobs dictated by ten different "bosses."

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You can thrive financially without it costing your wits or last joule of energy.

I'll show you how to build a business that's...


Profitable — You command premium prices, so you can focus on fewer projects while making more money.

Predictable — You use a proven, systematic approach to attracting more clients and consistently making more sales.

Pleasurable — You choose to only work with clients who light you up and let your creative skills shine.

You of all people value freedom, creativity, and fun in your life—your business should be no different.


I’ll guide you through the Book Yourself Solid® framework, a love story designed as a business system.

Owning a business can be challenging, and it’s so much easier when you’re madly in love with the work you do and the clients you serve.

You can also learn to love marketing and selling when it comes from a place of being genuinely excited about getting your offers out into the world because you believe in your mission.

Practically speaking, Book Yourself Solid® has been proven to get results for almost two decades. It’s a simple, systematic, step-by-step approach to growing or scaling your business.

Here’s what to expect.

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Increase your revenue, exponentially.

  • Know who your ideal clients are, where to find them, what they truly need/want, and how to become the obvious, stand-out choice for them.
  • Own your authority and establish yourself as a likeable, trusted expert in your field.
  • Confidently charge premium rates for your services and work less while earning more.
  • Effortlessly get into simple, effective sales conversations that are an actual conversation instead of a cringey pitch.
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Create daily systems for a steady flow of leads and sales.

  • Develop a smart sales cycle so prospects can jump in at any level and start investing in your services.
  • Practice a keep-in-touch strategy to build trusting, lasting relationships with peers and prospects.
  • Grow your network of strategic partners and influential individuals who are happy to refer and promote you.
  • Implement evergreen, relationship-based marketing strategies without using social media or paid ads.
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Build your dream business with a big, thumping heart.

  • Choose clients who light you up, appreciate you, and allow you to do your best work.
  • Work on meaningful projects, make an impact, and leave a legacy.
  • Create your schedule so work–life balance is tipped in favor of the life part.
  • Enjoy more physical and creative energy because you’re not fretting about finding your next client.
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Hey there! It's Jaime.
Welcome to my soapbox :)

My mission is to help women use their creative gifts to build businesses that give them the financial freedom to support any lifestyle they choose.

I believe that making a lot of money is the most generous thing you can do for yourself, your family, and your community. This puts decision-making power in your hands. And it’s entirely doable.

Money isn’t the only metric I use to measure success.

If it's not fun, I’m not doing it.

I don’t say that lightly, or to be punchy, or out of naivete.

I say it from experience.

Now in my mid-40’s, I’ve decided that Act Two isn’t about settling for anything less than what makes my soul light all the way up. I’m not saying it has to be easy (love a challenge), but it has to indulge my curiosity and feel meaningful. This goes for life and business, and when you work for yourself the two can be indistinguishable.

So, give yourself the permission to do the thing that gives you butterflies.

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If that means traveling the world and being the premier copywriter for Italian vineyards, do that! If that means specializing in automotive copy for vintage Ferrari collectors, go for it! Maybe you’re a tech junkie obsessed with writing about cryptocurrencies, that works too. Everyone’s got their own thing, and all of those businesses need copywriters.

Whatever stirs up your sparkle, I believe in your big dreams.

There is no shortage of business coaches and consultants who can help you make more money and get more clients—it’s kind of a prerequisite.

I want that for you and more.

Together, we’ll figure out your dream clients and projects then put the structure and systems in place to make your business profitable, predictable, and pleasurable.

From inspiration through implementation, I’ve got your back the whole way. (And I give world-class pep talks.)

Schedule a call with me, and let’s talk about what you really want to do if you thought it were possible.

Big Hugs!

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"When I met Jaime, I was coming out of a year-long fog of demanding clients, low pay, and work that (quite honestly) bored me to tears. Within just a few weeks of working together, she helped me see how impactful and fulfilling my business could be. We got clear on my vision, figured out who I wanted to serve—as opposed to serving EVERYONE, which is what I had been doing—and created offerings that felt natural, fun, and exciting.

After working with Jaime, I've started to take on clients who are a better fit for my skills, pay me what I'm worth, and value the work I do."

Emily Blackwood
San Diego, US

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"Before I started working with Jaime, I was lost. Bouncing from one shiny object to another, never really getting anywhere.

Jaime gently and lovingly guided me home to myself. She made me realise that sticking to what I truly love and what comes naturally to me—and focusing in on that alone—was where I needed to go. The second I did that, the floodgates of clients opened, and my signature course sold out in one week!"

Emma Starling
Scunthorpe, UK

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"Working with Jaime in her Unshakeable Foundations Workshop has given me the insight and perspective I needed to rethink my business.

More importantly, it gave me hope.

My work is finally aligned with my passions, and I'm actually excited to get to my desk in the mornings."

Jackie Tucker
Charleston, US

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"Jaime helped me craft magnetic messaging for my Life Coaching practice. She took an interest in my creativity and gave me kick-ass, engaged feedback. She helped me become self-assured and confident about sharing my message straight from my heart, without any brain drama."

Becky Clabaugh
Colorado Springs, US

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You are so ready for this.

Quality of life is paramount to you. Otherwise, you’d be ok rotting away in a cubicle with fluorescent lights and commercial carpet. You’ve taken risks and made sacrifices to prioritize freedom and creativity.

So, if you’re going to spend your time stressed to the hilt and going blind staring at your MacBook Air, you’ll still be unhappy.

This is exactly why I want to help you identify your blindspots and plug the holes in your business that are leaking your revenue and sanity.

You've got big, beautiful dreams. Having a time-tested business system in place supports those dreams and allows you to have (and fund) more flexibility and freedom in the areas of your life that matter the most.


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Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call, and we’ll see if my services are an incredible match for you and your business.

I only work with clients whose birthdays I want on my calendar—let’s see if yours is one of them! ;-)

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