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Uplevel from
feast-or-famine freelancer
to booked solid business owner.

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You're at a crossroads.

You’re a wordsmith with an entrepreneurial spirit.

You possess the mettle and the wits to transform your magic with words into a business that helps your clients communicate their message with clarity and creativity. 

You absolutely love what you do, and you’re damn good at it. 

And . . . there’s a less romantic side to that. 

Your current business sustains you, and you’re doing okay. But, sometimes it feels hard and overwhelming—more like scrambling than sailing. 

Your workload alternates between crushed and crickets.
Your clients have some major boundary issues.
You know you’re not charging enough, but you’ve got a lot of brain drama around raising your rates. 

Basically, you’re feeling like you’re all over the place and need to get your shit together. You want to redesign your business so you make more money, work with better clients, and have systems in place to do this consistently.

You want to go from a feast-or-famine freelancer to a booked solid business owner. We can make that happen :)

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To enjoy the delightfully unconventional life
you’ve created,

your business needs to be...


  • Profitable — You command premium prices, so you can focus on fewer projects while making more money.
  • Pleasurable — You choose to only work with clients who light you up and let your creative skills shine.
  • Predictable — You use a proven, systematic approach to attracting more clients and effortlessly making more sales.

You of all people value freedom, creativity, and fun in your life—your business should be no different.


It's time you stopped doing this...

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undervaluing your skills & authority

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saying yes to lousy projects & dud clients 

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winging it when it comes to


There’s a lot of noise out there about growing your business.

I’m sure your brain cells have rattled with promises of magical funnels, social media sorcery, and Google ad voodoo that will attract hordes of salivating clients to your online door.

The thought of any of it is exhausting.

You didn’t start your business to get a virtual MBA in marketing hacks.

You need a simple, systematic approach to attracting exceptional clients who will pay you top dollar for your services and expertise. You want a time-tested system that doesn’t rely on the latest trends and complicated tech.

Your goal is to make more money and enjoy your work with enough hours left in your day to indulge your passions and interests.


Hey, I'm Jaime!
Here's how I can help you.

You deserve more respect and more revenue, which is why it's time to shift your mindset and your strategy from freelancer to business owner. 

I'll show you how to get more high-paying clients who respect your expertise and authority, and fewer (or zero!) clients who underpay and overdemand.

To design a business that lights you up and makes you happy, you need two things:
1) a proven, time-tested business system and 2) someone to hold you accountable, give you feedback on your ideas, inspire solutions when you’re stuck, and keep you on your path (and when things get heavy, it's nice to have a cheerleader). 

I trained to become a Book Yourself Solid® Professional so I could be that person for you.

When I implemented the Book Yourself Solid® system in my copywriting business, the changes were dramatic and swift. Most notably, I increased my project rates by ten times and doubled my hourly rates—the clients paying the higher rates are a total delight and don't blink at my prices. I practice what I teach, and I've seen fantastic results firsthand.

If you want to charge premium prices in your business, only work with your ideal clients, and have a rinse-and-repeat system that ensures you do this consistently, I can show you the steps to do exactly that.

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Imagine if your business gave you a life like this…

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You feel appreciated and respected by your clients, who don't blink at your premium rates. 

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You have healthy boundaries with your laptop because your work-life balance is tipped in favor of the life part.

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You have more physical and creative energy because you’re not fretting about finding your next client.

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You feel creatively stimulated and fulfilled by the projects you take on, and it shines through the quality of your work.

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No guesswork. 


No making it up as you go along.


 Design your dream business to support your dream life.


Curious what this looks like in your business?
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Hi again! This is why I get it. 

I’ve stood at the same crossroads. I’ve been a writing coach, copywriter, and copyeditor for over a decade. 

I’ve short-circuited brain cells trying to figure out what my ideal client avatar eats for breakfast (and how this is relevant to, well anything).

I’ve taken up arms against picking a niche, terrified I might exclude someone.

I’ve said yes to clients who I knew were going to be a nightmare, because I couldn’t stomach losing the sale. 

I’ve stuttered and muttered when trying to explain my business, to the point that even my friends and family couldn’t tell you what I did.

For years, instead of building a business, I labored at a freelance job that was often stalled out on the side of the information highway. 

I was always either burnt out or broke. 

But then, one night while I was fast asleep, I was abducted by aliens who teleported me to their mothership and rewired my neural networks for inevitable success! That didn’t actually happen. (At least I don’t remember if it did…)

What did happen is I implemented the Book Yourself Solid® system, which gave me the strategy and systems to create the clarity and consistency I needed to have a successful business. 

When I find something that works, I want everyone with eardrums to hear about it. 

So, I became a Book Yourself Solid® Licensed Professional. Now, I’m on a mission to help other copywriters design (very) profitable, pleasurable, and predictable businesses.

I’m entirely obsessed with my work. Nothing makes me happier than watching as my clients step up in their businesses and feel confident and strong and are truly appreciated for the work they love doing.

Let's see if I can help you step up next...

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Ready to change your life & business?
Let's Talk!

"Before I started working with Jaime, I was lost. Bouncing from one shiny object to another, never really getting anywhere.

Jaime gently and lovingly guided me home to myself. She made me realise that sticking to what I truly love and what comes naturally to me—and focusing in on that alone—was where I needed to go. The second I did that, the floodgates of clients opened, and my signature course sold out in one week!

If there are gaps in your client base or income, you need to work with Jaime. Her help and guidance are priceless. There is nobody out there who puts it quite the way she does to help you find your true path."

Emma Starling
Scunthorpe, UK

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"Jaime helped me craft magnetic messaging for my Life Coaching practice. She took an interest in my creativity and gave me kick-ass, engaged feedback. She helped me become self-assured and confident about sharing my message straight from my heart, without any brain drama."

Becky Clabaugh
Colorado Springs, USA

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"Jaime has a magical way to get things out of you in the most natural and fun way. Not many have what it takes to ask the right questions. At the end of our session together I really felt interesting and proud! Jaime is present all the way and goes well beyond what she gets paid to do."

Ariane Tavakol
Zurich, Switzerland

Have more questions? I've got answers.
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You are so ready for this.

Quality of life is paramount to you. Otherwise, you’d be ok rotting away in a cubicle with fluorescent lights and commercial carpet. You’ve taken risks and made sacrifices to prioritize freedom and creativity.

So, if you’re going to spend your time stressed to the hilt and going blind staring at your MacBook Air, you’ll still be unhappy.

This is exactly why I want to help you identify your blindspots and plug the holes in your business that are leaking your revenue and sanity.

You've got big, beautiful dreams. Having a time-tested business system in place supports those dreams and allows you to have (and fund) more flexibility and freedom in the areas of your life that matter the most.


Let's have a chat...



Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call, and we’ll see if my services are an incredible match for you and your business.

I only work with clients whose birthdays I want on my calendar—let’s see if yours is one of them! ;-)

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Jaime Blair is licensed to teach the Book Yourself Solid® system, created by Michael Port, based on best-selling book, Book Yourself Solid®. Certain materials contained on this website may be the copyrighted works of Michael Port & Associates LLC.