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I'm Jaime Blair,
The Copy Cupid 🏹

I write websites that inspire your dream clients to crush on you, hard. 


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Join us for Goldilocks Networking every Wednesday at 10am EDT! 

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Hi! I'm a Copywriter & Brand Specialist for Coaches.
Ready for a website that turns curious prospects into starry-eyed clients?
Does your website have the passion and personality of a cardboard cutout?

Real talk: there are approximately eight-hundred-ninety-three bazillion coaches out there who say the same shit.

You might be one of them. 

Before you feel attacked, hear me out. It’s not your fault. 

You’re not expected to be brilliant at branding.

You aren’t trained in copywriting.

You’re a rockstar coach! Whether you help transform their business, mindset, body, or emotional well-being — you facilitate massive transformation and seismic shifts in your clients. That’s where you shine! With each client, you're creating your legacy.

 The gifts you have to offer the world are too important to have your website muffled out by a chorus of heart-centered coaches empowering women to live their best lives. 

Your work is greater than squishy transformational speak.

Let's make you incomparable. 

I'm going to help you write website copy that is uniquely YOU! It sounds like your voice. It buzzes with your passion. It shines a giant spotlight on the life-changing results you get for your clients. 

When your personality sparkles through, your dream clients will crush on you, hard. 🏹

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The keys to unlock your dream client's heart...
  • Express yourself unapologetically and let the real you shine through! Show us you were born for this. That builds trust. 
  • You can't make the whole world love you, but your people will fall madly when you know who they are and speak to their unique needs and desires in a conversational way.
  • Lose the squishy transformational speak and 
    describe a vivid picture of what life looks like after working with you. Make the transformation tangible. 
Your website should be doing the selling for you.
Make this happen

Let's make your website irresistible.

Here's how we can work together.


Brand Clarity Workshop

Build an authentic personal brand that sparks a mutual obsession between you and your dream clients. Perfect if you're pivoting or rebranding.

Let's discuss

Conversational Copywriting

Website copy that reads like an intimate conversation, turning curious prospects into starry-eyed clients.
(done-with-you or done-for-you options)

Details, please

Website Copy Review

My eyes on your copy then a coaching session to outline what's falling flat and how to make it sparkle. This is magic for my DIYers.

How this works
Love Letters 💌
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"Jaime helped me solve a core clarity issue, and now I know truly who I serve. She made me realise that sticking to what I truly love and what comes naturally to me was where I needed to go. The second I did that, the floodgates of clients opened, and my signature course sold out in one week. I feel so relieved to finally have the words to express what I do and not fade on into the background because of bland words with no meaning."


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"During our time together, Jaime asked a lot of questions and brought forth clarification and great insight. The final result is copy that I am truly impressed with that represents who I really am and sets me apart from all the other coaches out there. I had tried to do it on my own for months, and in less than two weeks, I finally have what I had been seeking: a professional and fun story."


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"Jaime has a magical way to get things out of you in the most natural and fun way. Not many have what it takes to ask the right questions. At the end of our session together I really felt interesting and proud! Jaime is present all the way and goes well beyond what she gets paid to do."


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"Within just a few weeks of working together, Jaime helped me see how impactful and fulfilling my business could be. We got clear on my vision, figured out who I wanted to serve and created offerings that felt natural, fun, and exciting."


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"Jaime helped me craft magnetic messaging for my Life Coaching practice. She took an interest in my creativity and gave me kick-ass, engaged feedback. She helped me become self-assured and confident about sharing my message straight from my heart, without any brain drama."


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"Working with Jaime gave me the insight and perspective I needed to rethink my business. More importantly, it gave me hope. My work is finally aligned with my passions, and I'm actually excited to get to my desk in the mornings."


When your website copy and personal brand are strategic and magnetic...
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... selling your services is 10x easier! Potential clients already feel like they know you and understand the value of your programs. When you get to the call, it's just to see if you vibe together. 
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... you morph into a unicorn! You show up in your business unapologetically as yourself and stand apart from the chorus of coaches. Your confidence soars when you speak your truth, from your heart.
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... you're in high demand! When you're known for a thing, and everyone gets what you do and can talk about you — they spread the word. Your calendar gets filled with qualified leads. 
OK, let's just do this already! 👇
Let's chat to see if we're a fantastic match...

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