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Superstar Networking Mini-Course

Make networking your most lucrative (and fun) marketing activity with my proven strategies to get clients, referral partners, and biz besties on group calls and coffee chats. 


What you'll learn:

Part One - Before the Call

  • The most important prep for a coffee chat that only about 1% do (and it always impresses)
  • Avoid these mistakes that so. many. people. make that leaves a bad impression.
  • Learn to introduce yourself in an engaging way that people will pay attention to and take action on. 👇
    • What your intro needs to include to make you memorable and referable. 
    • It’s not just what you say, it’s also how you say it.
    • What length should your intro be?! What if it’s too short/long?!
    • BONUS: My intro template that gets people DMing me on every group call — plug in your info and use!

Part Two - During the Call

  • Simple strategies to feel more confident and comfortable (and have fun!) even if you’re prohibitively shy and deadly awkward.
  • My favorite icebreaker that raises the energy and puts everyone at ease.
  • How to make people genuinely enjoy their experience with you and feel excited to build the relationship.
  • Ask this question when you’re struggling to understand what someone does or how you can refer them.
  • The MOST annoying thing that you should never ever do on a group or 1:1 call.
  • My sneaky trick for reading your intro from a script without sounding like you’re reading.
  • Don’t be scared to ask this at the end of a call (it’s actually the professional thing to do)

Part Three - After the Call

  • The most important move to make after the call that will 10x your networking results (most people neglect this)
  • You met people, now what? How I organize my connections to effortlessly keep in touch and maximize relationship building — including my fave software recommendation.
  • This simple gesture will win you clients and referrals while boosting your reputation as an indispensable connection to have.

BONUS: You'll also receive constantly updated list of my favorite networking events that I think are well worth your time. 

This mini-course will be delivered through bite-size audio lessons and PDFs.